Fourth of July and Birthday Events

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Birthday America!


I usually do not post personal things but since this is my blog I want to share how I spent my birthday this year. I’m now 26, more than half way until I’m 30! 😱 After my 21st birthday I’ve just seen it as only a number and another day even though my birthday lands on a holiday!

I spent the day at Kemah Boardwalk in Kemah, TX only a short drive from Houston, TX. The first time in 3 years since I’ve celebrated my birthday by the water which is something I’ve missed.

If any of you are from Texas or has visited before during the summer months you know that it gets pretty HOT especially in Houston since the heat is more HUMID instead of dry heat.  Today’s weather was HOT! I definitely got a tan being in the beaming sun for a few hours today.


Once at Kemah we took a small ferry to get in which was literally a 3 minute ride.



After we unloaded we walked around the park and stood on the boardwalk looking out at the ocean. Since it was so hot out we decided to cool down with ICEE’s (my favorite is Coca-Cola).

The Boardwalk Beast. Kemah, TX


We also purchased ticket to ride The Boardwalk Beast which is a giant speed boat that plays upbeat music to get the crowd going and cheering which was TONS of fun! Not to mention we sat in the back (the section that is known for getting SOAKED) when I say SOAKED I mean SOAKED! When we walked off the boat we were drenched from our head to our toes! I for sure was not hot any longer LOL!

After the boat ride we continued to walk around the park. I did not ride any of the rides there this year. Unfortunately, I have to work the next day so we did not get to stay to see the fireworks.


If you are ever in Texas and the Houston area be sure to check out Kemah! It’s also a 15-20 minute drive to the NASA space center which is located within the Clear Lake city limits. 😁

I hope you guys have enjoyed my birthday post.


Christina 💋


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