Travel: Fantastic Foods – Vietnamese 

Looking for a quick lunch of soup, salad or a sandwich? Maybe you ought to think Vietnamese. Perhaps an exquisite vegetarian meal? Well, then, why not think Vietnamese? Or is tonight time for multiple dishes, contrasting flavors, varied textures and exotic ingredients? Once again, it’s a good time to think Vietnamese. Or perhaps something healthy and “lite?” Guess what: think Vietnamese.

One thing I’ve noticed by working in Houston is that their are plenty of Asian restaurants. I work in the energy capital of the world Houston’s Energy Corridor! 😁

This Friday my boyfriend and I chose to have Vietnamese for lunch. He picked Pho Kim Kim Vietnamese Restaurant for our quick bite that serves noodles, rice, and soup dishes. Pho Kim Kim is a small quiet casual restaurant that’s a good selection if you’re ever in West Houston. 

We both ordered lemonade which were sweet and very good my boyfriend had to add extra sugar lol. We started off with Vietnamese egg rolls which were served with lettuce, cilantro and fish sauces as our appetizer (unfortunately I didn’t get a photo). The rolls were served with a non-spicy and spicy fish sauce that I have never had before and I thought were good the rolls were overall delicious! 😋

My boyfriend ordered the Com Bi Suon Cha which consist of crushed rice with seared pork chop and shredded pork and Vietnamese quiche. Served with steamed rice, fresh salad and fish sauce. He let me try the pork chop which had a slightly sweet flavor to it and I thought was really good. I also tried the Vietnamese quiche (I’ve never had quiche before let alone Vietnamese quiche) which had a somewhat fishy taste but I was not a big fan of it. My boyfriend loved the dish and he also loved the flavor of the pork chop.

I ordered the Com Ga Xao which consist of stir fried chicken with onions. Served with steamed rice, fresh salad and fish sauce. The chicken had a sweet tasting flavor to it which could have came from the fish sauce. It seem to have sesame seeds in the dish as well which I didn’t mind nor have a concern with. The rice was also very good and cooked perfectly. 

My boyfriend LOVES trying new things so next week he suggested we trying Indian cuisine which we’ve never had before, so we’re both looking forward to it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my post for this week. Stay tuned for more food posts to come. 😁


Christina 💋


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