PLAY! by Sephora – July 2017

Hi Lovelies! It is Monday again a start of a new week!

I recently subscribed to the PLAY! by Sephora and received my first box for this month. PLAY! subscription is $10 like Birchbox and IPSY. Below is a description of what PLAY! consists of:

What It Is: Your monthly beauty game plan, delivered.
At SEPHORA, we love that feeling when you find a new beauty product, give it a try, and wonder how you ever lived without it. That’s why we created PLAY! by SEPHORA, a beauty box filled with five stellar samples, delivered right to your door.

Here’s how it works:
Each month we curate a selection of new and best-selling products we’re most excited about, from makeup to hair care to skincare to fragrance. Then, using the answers in your PLAY! Profile, we determine which version is best for you. Next stop: your place, where you can experiment, play, and find your personal favorites. See boxes.

Ideal for:
Anyone who wants to step up their beauty game!

Each monthly box includes:
Five deluxe makeup, skincare and hair care samples (plus a beauty bonus!)
-A collectible makeup bag
-Access to exclusive video how-tos and tutorials about how to use the products in your box
-PLAY! BOOK with tips, tricks, and how-tos about each sample
-PLAY! PASS to redeem in store for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points with a full-size purchase
-PLAY! DATE, a subscriber-only event that gives you and a friend the opportunity to come in store and play with products and meet with our beauty experts

PLAY! by SEPHORA is currently only available in the US and can ship to any address in the 50 United States.

July’s PLAY! box theme is “BEAUTY STAYCATION – GLAMP OUT” to help women feel their best whether staying in or heading out. Included with the 6 samples and the cute bag comes a mini poster that covers the theme plus 50 BEAUTY INSIDER POINTS card on the front and pictures and descriptions of all 6 products on the back.

PLAY! by SEPHORA JULY 2017 (2)

My July’s PLAY! box consisted of the following items:

BOBBI BROWN Eye Opening Mascara – Full-size (0.42 oz.) – $30

  • I LOVE trying new mascaras especially if it claims to give volume that way my natural long eyelashes are enhanced. I really like BOBBI BROWN products but I’m not sure if I like this mascara. I didn’t like the wand because i thought it was too big and I had to apply about 7-10 coats in order to get the voluminous look I like.


FRESH Rose Face Mask – Full-size (3.3 oz.) – $62

  • The only product I’ve used from the FRESH line is the Soy Face Cleanser. This mask was just WOW! I love how this face mask has real rose petals in it and smells amazing as well. I applied it to my damp face, left on for 5 minutes and rinsed off. Once I dried my face I felt very refreshed and my skin was baby soft.


BRIOGEO Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray – Full-size (5 oz.) – $20

  • I’m forever online or browsing the Sephora app on my phone and I have to be honest and say I’ve never came across this brand before. If you’ve read my previous post some of you may have read that I have naturally curly hair and how I love any hair care products that will enhance my curls. I’ve learned to embrace my curls and with the humidity in Houston, Texas I can straightened my hair and walk out my front door and see the frizz and curls start to come back. With that being said, this spray leave-in-conditioner smells amazing and works great as well. It has a milky consistency to it, ultra-light, non-greasy, and moisturizing.


TARTE Rainforest of The Sea™ Color Splash Lipstick in shade Set Sail- Full-size (0.12 oz.) – $21

  • I’ve never tried TARTE products before and this lipstick is creamy and in the perfect nude shade for my tan skin tone. Once applied I can feel the moisture in my lips and the color last long as well. Unfortunately this product ended up being damaged during shipment so excuse the damage in my photo.


CAUDALIE Vine[Activ] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Full-size (1 oz.) – $52

  • Another brand I’ve never tried before. I really was not a big fan of the smell of this product however, it does the job it stated to do and I am very impressed. Once I applied it and rinsed my face I could instantly feel it working and I could see the glow. I do not have any lines nor wrinkles but I do have dryness in certain areas and uneven texture so I am looking forward to using this in the future to help with my trouble areas.  If you are looking for solutions for certain concerns like dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, and dullness and uneven texture this is the product for you.


CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud Full-size (3.4 oz) – $95

  • I’m really not one of those women who like to try new perfumes. Once I find a few scents I like I usually stick to those which are usually sexy, flirty, and oftentimes fruity but I’m a young lady so I try to stay away from any scent that is fruity and go for something more sophisticated. This scent to me was very woody/musk and with a hint of spice which I’m not a big fan of. The style description states that it is sophisticated, mysterious, and sexy. I don’t think woody scents are sexy lol


Verdict: I’m impressed with all products I received in my first PLAY! box except the fragrance I received. I will for sure purchase all other products in the future. I’m looking forward to receiving more samples of the hundreds of products Sephora has that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve grown to love subscription boxes because I can try 5-6 SAMPLE products before I buy them! I’ve purchased full-sized products that I didn’t like before and who likes doing that? I don’t.


Christina 💋


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