Travel: Fantastic Foods – Indian

India is known as “the land of the spices.” (according to my culinary wizard boyfriend) There are so may different spices and flavors in Indian cuisine and can be exciting and/or intimidating for most people (like myself). Also, according to my boyfriend historical incidents such as foreign invasions, trade relations, and colonialism have played a role in introducing certain foods to the country.

This week’s featured lunch is South Indian cuisine at Annam Indian Cuisine, a small intimate restaurant, in Houston, Texas.  My boyfriend suggested Indian last week but I told him we could go this week. 🙂 He’s had Indian food before but I have never tried it before and have always been a little intimidated by trying it.


We didn’t get any type of appetizer this time to start off our meal. We ordered our drinks and both of us ended up getting Cocoa-Cola which came in a regular sized 12oz can served with glasses of ice with straws. Very rarely do I visit a restaurant that serves soft drinks in cans. We had the choice to have our dishes non spicy, mild, or spicy.

My boyfriend ordered the LAMB BRIYANI (Tender boneless lamb cooked w/basmati rice & chettinaad spice).  The level of spiciness he chose was spicy which was a green sauce and he also received some type of white sauce. He let me try some of the lamb which was really good and I couldn’t taste the “wild” in it like I had when I tried lamb the first time. I also tried some of the spicy green sauce which was really spicy and good flavoring. He actually like the dish he ordered.


I ordered the CHICKEN FRIED RICE (Basmati rice stir fried with egg, chicken and mixed w/ sauces). The level of spiciness I chose was mild which is a red sauce (pictured in the left bottom) and the only sauce I received. The chicken in the rice I ordered was very moist and the rice overall had very different spices in it which I think is the reason why I didn’t like it. Unfortunately I only had about 4 bites of it. It could have been that I should have ordered something else maybe if there will be a next time.


Overall, the service was good until we asked for the check which we had to ask twice and they ended up taking quite awhile to bring to us as the lunch hour is ticking away since we both had to get back to work. I do not think I will have Indian food again since I didn’t  care for the food I had. I’ve read good reviews online about the restaurant and even has ratings of 4.5/5 on Facebook, 7.7/10 on Foursquare, and 3.7/5 on Zomato.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my very short and sweet post for this week. Stay tuned for more flood postings.


Christina 💋


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